Message of Solidarity


Tirana, April 6th, 2020

To: The Diplomatic Corps
Tirana, Albania

Distinguished colleagues,

During these hard moments, when the Pandemic COVID-19 is spreading across the world with its serious and unpredictable effects, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors extends this Message of Solidarity to you, dear colleagues of the Diplomatic Corps in Tirane, and to your families.

As in many other countries, COVID-19 has also affected Albania, just when it was trying to recover from the devastating earthquake of 26 November 2019.

Despite the difficult situation in Albania, deeply concerned with what is happening in neighboring and the most hardly hit countries, since a few days, 30 Albanian doctors and nurses are working side by side with their Italian colleagues in the most affected region of Lombardy.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is convinced that, together and by concerted efforts, we will overcome this pandemic soon, so that we can return to our everyday life.

While expressing the feelings of solidarity and cooperation with you all who reside in our beautiful and friendly country, we wish you, dear friends, and your families and relatives lots of courage, keep well, stay safe!

Council of Albanian Ambassadors