The Council of Albanian Ambassadors was founded in April 2018 by a group of five Albanian Ambassadors led by former Minister of Foreign Affairs,  Ambassadors Besnik Mustafaj, who convened a meeting to explore ways in which persons who had served in positions of major responsibility could cooperate to promote the highest standards in International and Albanian diplomatic practice.

They were encouraged in this effort by group of over 30 Ambassadors and high ranking career diplomats who compose the General Assemble of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors.

CAA will be committed to its mission and is dedicated to protect, promote and support Albanian diplomats and its national foreign policy by bringing together and managing its diplomatic challenges. CAA promotes an understanding of the importance of diplomacy to serving our nation and improving the practice of Albanian foreign policy.

Both the world and the Foreign Service are changing. Global Security has become a major issue which requires a global response and understanding. Security and Peace goes beyond domestic borders and need to be tackled with joint diplomatic efforts with our NATO and EU partners.

Our Foreign Service and its companion services under the authority of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs need to adapt and  provide the highest quality of professionalism in service to the nation’s foreign policy goals.