Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the appointment of EU new Special Representative for the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue.


Tirana, April 15th 2020

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors applauds the growing EU engagement to stabilize bilateral relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and greets the appointment of Mr. Miroslav Lajčák as EU Special Representative for the Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue and other Western Balkan regional issues.

CAA wishes Mr. Lajčák success on his important mission and believes that he will promote the EU’s policies and interests in the region, playing an active role in the efforts to achieve comprehensive normalization of the relations between Serbia and Kosovo, improve good neighborly relations and reconciliation between partners in the Western Balkans.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors reiterates that the status of Kosovo as an independent multi-ethnic state, within its internationally recognized borders, defined in the opinion of the Badinter Arbitration Committee, confirmed in the Ahtisaari package, and endorsed by the International Court of Justice, need no further discussion, as they have significantly contributed to peace, security and stability in our region and beyond.

CAA has high expectations that the experience and wisdom of a veteran diplomat will prevail over approaches that could trigger a vicious cycle of crises and open the Pandora box in the region.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors strongly believes that the EU’s principled policy, Lajčák’s extensive expertise, and his efforts to address the outstanding issues between Serbia and Kosovo will facilitate their mutual recognition as sovereign and independent States, thus recognizing the well-established reality on the ground.