Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the Resumption of the Dialogue Kosovo – Serbia     


Tirana, on 22 June 2020

The Council  of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) notes with pleasure the recent substantial intensification of the political & diplomatic initiatives and actions designed to speed up the resumption of the dialogue and a comprehensive deal for the normalization of relations between the Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Serbia.

The CAA considers as very encouraging the fact that, in the context of the upcoming agreement, the major partners in this process – the EU and the USA have dismissed the possibility of any change of territories and borders in whatever form between these two states. On this occasion, we recall our letter of 5 March 2020 forwarded to President Trump where, inter alia, we underlined that any alternative approach  aimed at revising territories on the basis of ethnic principles would undermine stability in Kosovo and in other multi-ethnic states.

The CAA extends its appreciation for the institutions and political forces in Kosovo for their will and readiness to bring this important process to the end, beneficial both for the state of Kosovo and regional stability as well. Pursuant to that, the CAA does firmly emphasize that time is up to put political grudges and loggerheads aside, both in Kosovo and in the entire Albanian space in the Balkans.

The appeal from  CAA is that instead of political protagonism and artificial party divisions, they should seek more than ever the consensus and the unification of the political positions, so that the Republic of Kosovo be represented with utmost dignity, both in the political and professional respects during this historic Dialogue.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors salutes the European Union and the United States of America for their latest initiatives aimed at speeding up this process.

Accordingly, the CAA highlights the importance of the engagement and the leading role by the German Chancellor Madame Merkel and the French President Mr. Macron, the latter also as the host of the Special Summit in Paris on 17 July 2020.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors hails and welcomes the Special Summit due on 27 June 2020 at the White House with the participation of Kosovo and Serbia’s leaders, under the auspices of the US President  Trump and his Special Envoy, Richard Grenell.

The CAA expresses its confidence that this Meeting will provide a new qualitative impetus and impulse  to the dialogue for the normalization of Kosovo – Serbia inter-state relations, starting up with  economy and following the important documents signed in February this year on the air and rail transport.

On this occasion, the CAA deems it necessary to re-emphasize that the further and lasting success of this historic  and challenging dialogue makes the USA – EU cooperation  more than necessary. Their joint battles for Kosovo’s liberation and independence and the other major achievements in Kosovo and Western Balkans during the last 20 years bear the best testimony to the advantages of this strategic cooperation between Euro-Atlantic partners. Moreover  now that Kosovo, Serbia and the whole Western Balkans share common strategic goals, in particular, the visa liberalization and EU accession, membership to NATO and  the integration under the Euro-Atlantic umbrella.

Accordingly, the CAA shares the firm belief that the Washington Summit on 27 June and that in Paris on 17 July are two sides of the same medal; they will certainly mark the intensification of an even more efficient and fruitful cooperation between the US and the EU until signing the comprehensive Agreement and the mutual recognition of the sovereignty and  integrity of each of the two countries.

Finally, thanks to the expertize, capacities and the presence in this Council  of honorable ambassadors from Albania, Kosovo and North Macedonia, who have also served in Pristina, Belgrade, Brussels, Washington, Paris, Berlin, London, Rome, Strasbourg and elsewhere, the CAA is willing to offer its own contribution to speed up and conclude this process of major significance and effects for peace, security and stability, not only in Kosovo and Serbia, but all over the Balkans and on a wider scale.