Solidarity of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors with the Council of Italian Ambassadors


Tirane, 30 March 2020

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors extends its solidarity to the friendly Italian people in these hard moments of the Pandemic COVID-19, which has hit the human lives of thousands of Italian citizens; it does also express the confidence in overcoming this difficult period, not only for Italy, but for the whole humanity.

In this regard, CAA supports the noble gesture of 30 Albanian doctors and infirmaries who are encountering this mortal virus in its widespread center in Italy – Lombardy

Gratitude and support for friends is in the DNA of Albanians. Whereas, the friendship between the Albanian and the Italian people has deep historic roots. History recognizes many such cases of support and help among peoples and neighbors. But, Albanians will never forget Italy’s support in Albania’s most difficult times following the overthrow of the communist regime, when thousands and thousands of Albanians made Italy their home.

The heroism and professionalism of our doctors make every Albanian feel proud. It is a brilliant example of the European vocation of the Albanian nation and the incarnation of the best values of the project of United Europe.

The CAA hopes and believes that the EU and its member states will rise up to the level of the noble values for which it was established and put in place all the relevant mechanisms in jointly addressing the new global challenge and threat.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors takes this opportunity to extend its solidarity to the Council of Italian Ambassadors with the wish to overcome as soon as possible this exceptional situation in neighboring Italy.