The Council of Albanian Ambassadors working meeting with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye in Tirana, H.T.Z. Tayyar Kagan Atay.


Tirana, May 7, 2024

We were pleased to host and hold a working lunch with the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkiye in Tirana, H.E. Tayyar Kagan Atay.

We exchanged valuable opinions about the progress of bilateral relations between Turkiye and Albania, which are now a strategic partnership. Ambassador Atay appreciated the opinions expressed by the Council regarding the areas and directions where this cooperation can be focused more.

The ambassadors also shared assessments about the developments in the two respective countries, their cooperation in multilateral organizations, as well as international developments of interest to our countries.

In the current geopolitical reality, addressing Russian aggression in Ukraine and the prolonged bloody conflict in Gaza require a greater role for Turkey, in cooperation with other global factors, in finding stable and peaceful solutions.

After evaluating the expertise of the Council and its role in the field of international relations, the Ambassador of Turkey was told that the efforts of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors are continuing with the aim of promoting cooperation with similar organizations in Turkiye.

In this meeting, we emphasized that the friendly ties between the two allied countries in NATO and candidates in the EU are always permanent.