The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the Summit for supporting the cause of Ukraine in Tirana.


Tirana, March 1, 2024

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors welcomes the development in Tirana of the Summit for supporting the cause of Ukraine and for promoting the European integration processes of our region, turning Tirana into a center of regional and European developments.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors supports the positions of the Tirana Summit on Ukraine, expressed in its statement, demanding the immediate cessation of the war there, the removal of all Russian military forces from all occupied territories in Ukraine, starting with the annexation of Crimea in 2014, and holding responsible all those commanders of the Russian high administration who have caused tens of thousands of victims, considerable material and moral damage to the people of Ukraine.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is convinced that the Albanian people will be by the side of the people of Ukraine until the complete establishment of peace in this country and the return of all occupied territories to the people and state of Ukraine, as they are internationally recognized.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors also urges all the countries of our region, primarily the governments, but also all the political actors to cooperate in completing all the necessary reforms to benefit from the EU’s 6 billion euro fund package, within the framework of the Joint Development Plan, with the aim of doubling the economies of the Western Balkans, the economic growth of each country in the region, the creation of a common regional market and be ready to fully integrate in the common European market in the near future.

However, CAA, starting from the expectations that the public opinion, not only in Albania, but also in the territories where Albanians live have for such meetings, appeals that such events are as substantive as possible, with tasks, obligations, commitments and concrete deadlines for the realization by all parties.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors assesses that our authorities, in respect to their constitutional obligations, should use the fact that these meetings were held in Tirana as effectively as possible, to promote the image and international recognition of Kosova, to emphasize its contribution to strengthening of peace and security in the region, and to be as proactive as possible in unconditional support for Kosova in the process of negotiations with Serbia.