The Council of Albanian Ambassadors proposes to the Assembly of the Republic of Albania that the Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo be declared an Official Holiday.


Tirana, on February 22, 2023

Appreciating February 17th, 2008, the day of the proclamation of independence of the Republic of Kosovo,

  • as one of the most important events in our national history;
  • as the fulfillment of a century-old aspiration of our nation on its way to strengthening its identity, national unity and integration into the Euro-Atlantic structures;
  • as a landmarked day that inspires every Albanian;
  • as a major event to which Albanians around the world have contributed, with the strong support of the USA, the EU, NATO and other allied and friendly countries,

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors has addressed an official request to the Assembly, on February 21, 2023, to undertake the relevant legal initiatives to declare this date an Official Holiday of the Republic of Albania.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors believes that such a decision would make happy and be supported by every Albanian wherever he lives, regardless of political beliefs.