Happy 15th anniversary of the independence of Republic of Kosova.


Prizren, 17th February 2023

Happy to celebrate in Pristina together with our colleagues from Kosova and prominent personalities from the diaspora, the 15th anniversary of the independence of the Republic of Kosovo.

This anniversary sees Kosovo as a country with consolidated institutions, an example of democracy and a contributor to peace, stability and security in the region.

We expressed our readiness to jointly contribute to Kosovo’s success in the new challenges ahead, especially in the Euro-Atlantic integration processes.

We are also pleased with the visit to Prizren, one of the pearls of our culture, traditions and national history, as well as a symbol of the unity of Albanians, but also a reflection of the coexistence of different cultures of the peoples of the region.

Inspired and committed to work also as a Council of Albanian Ambassadors for Kosovo’s membership in UNESCO as soon as possible and the nomination of Prizren as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.