The Council of Albanian Ambassadors hails the Great Day of Independence!


Tirana, 28 November 2020

The Flag Day is the greatest celebration in the modern history of  Albanian nation; it is commemorated with pride and dignity by all our compatriots in Albania and wherever they live worldwide.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors takes this happy opportunity to extend its greetings to all and to emphasizethat 28 November is deeply rooted in our historic, national and political  self-awareness.

The existence of the Albanian State for Albanians wherever they have been residing, albeit its political and ideological system and constitutional order has constituted the hope, faith and the dream that one day they would fulfil their aspiration for freedom.

Trust and love for Albania, the red & black banner, the common cultural values, traditions and the same blood bonds have kept us alive throughout the Century of separation.

This 28 November finds us facing the major challenge of overcoming the global pandemic Covid-19, which we wantto have the least possible efects for all.

We hope and wish that the next Anniversary of this Day finds us in  perfect health and with a better Albania, closer to Europe !

Once more we wish that our Albania keeps on advancing and the vital Albanian nation be integrated on its proper place in the flows of global development.