Council of Albanian Ambassadors Pays Homage to Marko BELLO


Tirana, 4 December 2020

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) receivedwith profound pain the bitter news on the passing away ofone of its co – founders, Ambassador Marko Bello after a severe battle against Covid -19.

The CAA extends its deepest condolences to familyBELLO, to the friends and colleagues with whom Marko shared the days of his family and social engagement.

The Albanian diplomacy, its public opinion, the political establishment and his broad social network will always miss the word and the smile of such a devoted intelectual and patriot, who did never cease to render his contributionfor a better Albania.

The CAA will feel the absence of one of its co-founders,who as a prestigious diplomat contributed every single day to promote and consolidate the Council with his voice, both at home and abroad, to the benefit of our national interests, to Kosovo and Albanians wherever they are !

After overcoming this situation, CAA will host a speciaalevent to pay the deserved tribute and homage to its member and to one of the  outstanding personalities of Albanian state and politics ! 

Marko, may the earth of the Fatherland whom you loved without conditions rest lightly on you!