Statement on the German Presidency of the European Union (1 July – 31 December 2020)


Tirana,  2 July 2020     

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors forwards its greetings to Germany on the occasion of its rotating EU Presidency, likewise we express our enthusiasm for the comprehensive Program of the German Presidency.

Given the wide – ranging catalogue containing an explosive problematics on numerous issues, both for the EU and beyond, the Presidency of the greatest and most powerful state in Europe, a model of democracy and solidarity is indeed a lucky event of major significance and effects, both for the present and the future of our Continent and on a wider scale.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors wishes full-fledged success to the EU German Presidency, first and foremost for the efficient management of   COVID – 19, the most serious crisis after the WWII with the well -known effects.

We would also like to express our firm belief that with her leadership, Chancellor Merkel would reach the necessary consensus for the rapid implementation of the gigandic project that she launched on 18 May with the French President Macron and supported by the EU Commission amounting to 750 Billion Euro, as non-returnable grants and subventions, which occurs for the first time ever in the EU history.

Germany si assuming its EU Presidency when Western Balkans is facing several serious challenges. The most recent events following the indictment for serious crimes by the Prosecutor of the Special Court for Kosovo in the Hague against the main Kosovo leaders makes the resumption and promotion of the Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade more than necessary, in cooperation with the USA and pending the upcoming Summit scheduled for 17 July in Paris.

On this occasion, CAA does also launch the appeal to speed up and finalize this year the visa liberalization with Kosovo.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors believes that as hitherto, during its EU Presidency, Germany and Chancellor Merkel, a proven friend of Albania will attach the proper priority to the opening of the EU Accession negotiations with Albania.

To this end, CAA calls on the Albanian government and diplomacy as well as on other relevant organizations to step up and materialize the relevant  well-known conditions, so that the German Presidency would be able to open the « green light » to the First Intergovernmental Conference within this year.