Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the tragic explosion in Beirut.


Tirana, 6 August 2020

The painful explosion on the 4th of August in Beirut that  shocked the whole world public opinion with its tragic proportions is also being followed with immense concern and solidarity by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors.( CAA)

The human casualties, injuries and the huge material damages in the city crucified with pain have captured our attention; they do also bring us closer to Lebanon at these very hard moments of facing this tragedy.

There are ancient historic links between our two countries  dating  back to the time of the brilliant leadership of Lebanon by Governor Vaso Pasha, a prominent and genuine  personality of our Renaissance; it has continued  with communications of solidarity in the later periods of the mortal conflicts that have plagued this country for decades on end; all these make us feel closer spiritually during these exceptional hard days to all those who have lost their beloved ones and to the entire people of Lebanon.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors with many diplomats who have served in Lebanon or who have been there  on diplomatic mission  is stunned from what happened on the apocalyptic afternoon on the 4th of August.

The CAA extends its greatest  feelings of solidarity to the friendly people of Lebanon; it expresses its most sincere condolences to the families of the victims, hoping that this tragedy would very soon be replaced with  reconstruction work, so that  Beirut would regain its merited radiation.

Pain but also faith in peace and the reconstructive power based on the solidarity of the entire globe during these hard moments come close together, clinging firmly to the hope that the power of human values would triumph.