Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors in commemoration of the Massacre of Reçak.


Tirane, 15 January, 2020

Today, we throw the glance back 21 years ago, when the entire world was shocked by a report released by the Mission of OSCE in Kosovo, through which the US Ambassador, William Walker announced that it was to be named as the “Massacre of Reçak”; it is also considered as one of the most serious events, not only in the history of Kosovo, but also an event of appalling proportions for the whole mankind.

That event with all its tragic elements is an appeal that all citizens in Kosovo, regardless of their faiths and ethnicity should live in peace, as the most righteous way to contribute to understanding and confidence on a future which brings about prosperity and development.

Actually, this appeal is not to turn the head backwards, but not to forget the bitter truths of the near past, so that they are never repeated and be admitted as a reality, that history has charged with those who committed that atrocious crime.

This 21st Anniversary of what happened on 15 January 1999 is also a moment of reflection for those Serb politicians, who want the near history of yesterday be read with the gloomy glasses of radical nationalism; failing in this way to contribute to a peaceful and stable climate, which does also come from repentance and acceptance of the truth.

The Council of Albanian Ambassador notes with sadness that this grouping is also joined by President Aleksander Vuçiç, denying an internationally – recognized war crime documented with hard facts.

The Massacre of Reçak was one of the events that marked the major turning point in the attitude of international diplomacy on what was happening in Kosovo, paving the way to international intervention.

The Kosovo Liberation Army UÇK, the entire Albanian factor, inside and abroad were there to save Kosovo, the NATO planes were bombarding to paralyze the Belgrade military might and the world diplomacy was acting intensively.

On this symbolic day of the Anniversary of the Massacre of Reçak, which awoke the national awareness and that of the world public opinion on what was going on in Kosovo, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors extends its feelings of the deepest respect for all those who sacrificed their lives for Kosovo’s liberation and statehood.

Meanwhile, it takes this opportunity to ask from all a genuine assessment of the events of that period and to demand public apology, since this would contribute to the truth but also to peace and stability in the region.

By acknowledging the truth, all ways are possible to move forward together and build up the future through peace and justice, to the benefit and welfare of the upcoming generations.