The Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the agreement between Albania and Italy for refugees.


Tirana November 15, 2023

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors assesses that the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Italy and Albania for the landing and processing of asylum requests of refugees aiming for Italy or other countries of the European Union, has the character of a bilateral political document, within the framework of very good relations between our two countries, rather than, that of a document that is based on international law for the protection and respect of human rights and, in particular, of refugees and asylum seekers.

However, Council of Albanian Ambassadors would suggest that this agreement, which has aroused a lot of interest and debate in the public opinion, as well as in terms of transparency, should have been previously reviewed/discussed in the Assembly of the Republic of Albania.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is inclined to believe that the value of this bilateral political action, between an EU member country, such as Italy, and an EU candidate country, such as Albania, is well intentioned.

However, its implementation in practice, if it will happen, must be in full compliance with international documents and practices on these issues, respecting, the Universal Declaration for the Protection of Human Rights as well as the European Charter for Protection of Human Rights, but also the Constitution and laws of the country.

It is imperative that the refugees who will go to the territory of Italy, which coincides with the territory of the EU, be protected and all the necessary conditions are created for a quick, equal and dignified treatment, as are defined on important documents and international norms in force.