The Council of Albanian Ambassadors congratulates Mr. Talat XHAFERI on his election as Prime Minister of the Republic of North Macedonia.


Tirana, January 29, 2024

From today, the Republic of North Macedonia will have an Albanian Prime Minister, the first in the modern history of this country.

This historic moment is not a coincidence. Albanians in the region and especially in the Republic of North Macedonia have made titanic efforts for their legitimate rights.

The contribution and vision of the Albanians and their political representatives in the state building, unconditionally supporting the continuation of the Euro-Atlantic integration processes, as well as their orientation towards western democracies, have been fundamental factors in the progress of RNM towards building a the multi-ethnic democratic state, in its membership in NATO and in the advancement towards integration in the EU.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is confident that Mr. Talat Xhaferi, one of the most prominent personalities among the political representatives of Albanians in the RNM, with the extraordinary experience and maturity that characterizes him, will successfully lead the government of RNM until the parliamentary and presidential elections of April-May of this year.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors also assesses that the election of an Albanian political representative as the head of the government of the Republic of North Macedonia, serves at best the strengthening of security and peace, democracy and inter-ethnic understanding, and will also serve as an example of democracy to be followed throughout our region.

Congratulating Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi for as many successes as possible at the head of the government, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors takes the opportunity to congratulate Albanian political parties and all Albanians living in their ethnic lands in the Republic of North Macedonia for this historic achievement.