The Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on the Albanian Government and the international community to support Kosovo.


Tirana, November 6th 2022

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is following with concern the developments in the northern municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo, inhabited by the majority of the Serbian population.

The refusal to implement the legal orders of the governing structure of the Kosovo police, by the police superiors of the Serbian community in the north,  is not only against the law, but provocative and dangerous.  No country can have two parallel legal and institutional systems.

The Republic of Kosovo is a sovereign and democratic state, which offers incomparably high constitutional and legal guarantees for ethnic minorities.

The tension of the situation in the northern municipalities of the RKS and the aggravation of this tension by the structures that are managed by Belgrade, is a dangerous game. More so when this coincides with Putin’s Russia’s continued tendency to escalate the war of aggression in Ukraine.

KASH supports every action of the state of Kosovo to protect the democratic order and calls for a reduction in tensions.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors asks the Government of Republic of Albania to stand openly and actively in support of the legitimate right of the state of Kosovo to implement law and order throughout its territory.

Albania has a constitutional, moral and national obligation to support the strengthening of the international position of the state of Kosovo, especially in regional initiatives, as well as its internal empowerment.

The Republic of Kosovo and the Republic of Albania are committed to serving peace, stability, good neighborliness and Euro-Atlantic agendas in our region.