The Council of Albanian Ambassadors addresses Chancellor Merkel and President Macron


Her Excellency, Madame Angela Merkel,

Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

His Excellency, Mr. Emanuel Macron,

President of the French Republic

Our public opinion was informed about the Summit that Your Excellences will host in Berlin on 29 April 2019 with the Heads of State/Governments of the Western Balkan  countries.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors expresses its deepest appreciation for this Initiative, which comes in the proper time to give a fresh impetus to the slow-moving process of making democracy and the rule of law, which are  taking place with many convulsions in the countries of our region.

We do profoundly believe, Excellences, that on behalf of the powerful and generous states You lead, with a planetary impact for freedom and democracy  and in the name of the European Union You will convey to the leaders of the Western Balkan States clear messages for durable peace and stability, without impairing the standards of democracy, the rule of law and economic development, observing the dynamics of free market and fair competition.

This Summit is a fortunate opportunity, particularly for the highest representatives of Serbia and Kosovo, both very important states in our region, which have been involved for nearly a decade in a very hard process of negotiations designed to normalize the relations between them. Serbia and Kosovo are two sovereign states which have in common their near past, filled with hatred and bloody inter- ethnic wars. However, today they have also in common their aspiration for EU integration.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors holds that this aspiration is the most powerful and inspiring engine for the societies and institutions of these two countries; it would drive them towards final reconciliation, leaving behind the bitter past, for the sake of building a healthy and friendly  neighborhood, as a vital interest, for their own folks but also for other peoples in the region.

Excellences, we do also hope that thanks to Your supreme vision and authority, You will definitively delete from the agenda of negotiations between these two countries any plan for changing borders or exchange territories. Delimitation of borders between them alongside ethnic division lines would mark a return backwards; it would also be full of threats, not only for these two states but for all the countries of the region.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors thinks that genuine Serb – Albanian reconciliation can be achieved only on the basis of the French – German experience and model which You incarnate.

While hoping on your understanding, we would also like Your kind attention to some problematic issues related to Albania.

During the last 28 years following the overthrow of the Stalinist dictatorship, Albania has undoubtedly made substantial progress in its path to democracy and economic development. It is a member state of NATO and EU Candidate, making in this way its pro- western orientation irreversible. Over 90 per cent of the Albanian public opinion remains firmly in support of its European prospects.

Currently, our whole society is looking forward to the decision by the European Council   this June on the possible opening of EU membership negotiations; it would mark a significant step forward in the process of Albania’s European integration.

Accordingly, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors hopes that You, Excellences and your governments will continue to support the European dream of Albanians. For, it was this sacred dream which has inspired them to rise up against the most repressive regime of that time.

Unfortunately, Albania is going through a difficult and protracted transition while its society is faced with an endemic corruption system. Organized crime, especially the one active in the area of illicit drug trafficking has forged strong ties with politics.

For over a year now the country has no Constitutional Court, whereas the Supreme Court is practically out of function, plunging our judicial system to its collapse.

Over two months ago the parliamentary opposition abandoned this Parliament definitively; it is taking to the streets demanding a transition government, which they think is the only way to ensure free and fair elections, intact by crime connections with politics.

The country is going through an unprecedented representation and recycled political crises. This crisis has shaken the hopes of the Albanian society and,  according to statistical figures-, nearly 1/5th of Albanians left the country during the last five years, both in legal and illegal ways.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors believes that also thanks to Your support, the Albanian political forces will find the common tongue of dialogue  to overcome this crisis with the firm confidence that the European dream cannot come true by leaving but by promoting the European values inside Albania.

We do also hope that Your Excellences, as irreplaceable friends for Albanians will take the opportunity offered by this Summit to convey clear messages and  encourage all Albanian political factors and the society to embark on the  track of dialogue.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors wishes full success to the  Summit and  extends the most heartfelt gratitude to its initiators and hosts.

Respectfully Yours,

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors