Statement on the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Albania’s Membership to NATO


Ten years ago Albania became member of the largest Alliance ever known in world history, which was established to protect the most essential Euro- Atlantic values of liberty, democracy and the rule of law.

On 7 April 2009, the Albanian national flag fluttered proudly aside the flags of our NATO allies. Today, just as ten years ago, this grand achievement is a motif of pride for Albania and all Albanians wherever they are.

The NATO membership promoted exceptional democratic transformations also in the field of defense; without them Albania could not be part of the free and democratic countries of the North Atlantic Alliance. By acceding to NATO, the Albanian nation joined irreversibly the Euro-Atlantic values it incarnates and ensured its own future security.

During this decade Albania has proved with deeds to be a dignified member of this Alliance, capable of contributing to the joint security of the Euro-Atlantic space and meeting the political and military obligations emanating from this membership.

Albania is deeply committed to firmly maintain the transatlantic bonds between Europe and the USA. The latter play an essential role in preserving Western values and guarantee the security of the European Continent threatened again by various actors.

On this Anniversary, Albania remembers with gratitude and thanks its numerous friends for their staunch support to the long process of NATO membership, primarily the USA and President George Bush, who turned into reality the promise made during his visit in Tirana in June 2007.

Special thanks and appreciation go to the Albanian diplomatic corps, the military and experts in Brussels and in Tirana by virtue of their commitment and professionalism for the fulfilment of all membership obligations.

Accordingly, the evaluation of the performance of diplomats, their experience and the integration of all contributions in the foreign activity of the Republic of Albania has become more imperative than ever.

We take this opportunity to declare our support for the latest initiative of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs ( MEFA) to build up a professional diplomatic corps, free from practices of cronyism, corruption and even from the unprecedented absurd approach that “experience hinders progress”.

We encourage the MEFA leaders to deliver this promise with transparency and in full coherence with the stated goals.