Statement of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the state of the diplomatic service


Tirana, December 21, 2022

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors expresses deep concern over the unprecedented situation created in the Albanian diplomatic service, seriously damaging the image of the country and serving the state interests of the Republic of Albania.

Most of the Albanian Ambassadors accredited to foreign countries have entered or are at the end of their third diplomatic mandate in the same country.

Almost all Albanian Ambassadors have exceeded the three-year term of service, as stipulated by the law on foreign service 23/2015.

After the change of law which reduced the term of office of diplomats abroad from 4 to 3 years, inexplicably and unreasonably, a very high number of diplomats have not only exceeded this time limit, but are already in their third mandate. A large number of them have long passed their retirement years.

This unjustified behavior of the Albanian government damages the image of Albanian diplomats, as it not only violates the law and international diplomatic practice, but also places them in undeserved, derogatory positions in relation to their colleagues and the decision-making centers of diplomacy.

In international practice, the duration of the diplomatic mandate is considered very important, in order to avoid the familiarization of diplomats in the countries where they serve, to streamline diplomatic activity and contacts, but also to maintain a fair ratio of service time abroad and within the country.

Exceptions to this consolidated world practice are made only by a few countries, and are very limited. In any case, this practice does not happen in any NATO member country!

What has been happening for some time with Albanian diplomacy, either in relation to the extreme exceeding of the mandate, either with recruitment outside the system, or with the representation of party interests more than state interests by Albanian diplomats, is unacceptable and reprehensible.

The CAA calls on the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Government, the Foreign Committee of the Assembly and the President of the Republic to urgently reflect on this irresponsible behavior towards the Albanian diplomatic service.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors stands in solidarity with all excellent career diplomats, including those who have been undeservedly discriminated against and harmed in their careers, even though they have served their country with integrity and dedication over the years.