Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the Summits held in Novi Sad and in Ohrid.


Tirana, 11 November 2019

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors has followed with attention the two Summits held in Novi Sad in Serbia on 10 October and in Ohrid in Northern Macedonia on 10 November 2019, with the presence of the President of Serbia, the Prime Ministers of Albania and Northern Macedonia, Senior Officials from Bosnia – Herzegovina and Montenegro and without the participation of the Republic of Kosovo.

Actually, CAA supports every regional initiative designed as a philosophy of integrating preconditions of the region to the EU and the good will to upgrade life, security and economy of Albanians and the whole region.

On the other hand, we think that such initiatives of special significance with a considerable bearing on regional political and economic developments, particularly in the Albanian world should enjoy a broadly – based political and social consensus gained through transparency and a comprehensive analysis of advantages and disadvantages for Albania, Albanians and the region by and large.

This analysis should be even more cautious when such proposals come from states that are against NATO membership, that do not apply in full the EU foreign policy and that are part of the Euro- Asian Union. Accordingly, the political decision – making and for such initiatives and their implementation are not and cannot be the exclusive right of a certain government.

The strategic project of Albanians for integration to the Euro-Atlantic family as well as their attitudes to our EU and US partners should be seen only in harmony with a comprehensive approach and in full respect of the integrity and sovereignty of all Western Balkan countries, including the Republic of Kosovo.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors upholds the view that any agreement which fails to include the Republic of Kosovo as an independent state does not comply with our national interests and foreign policy.

The practical implementation of this initiative would not be possible at a time when Serbia continues to consider Kosovo as its own part in its Constitution.

Under these circumstances, this Agreement does not serve the process of regional reconciliation and cooperation. It may be also detrimental to Kosovo’s interests on its dialogue with Serbia and the achievement of the free visa travel of its citizens to the EU space.

Finally, we emphasize that Regional Integration is very important; yet, it cannot replace the Euro-Atlantic integration. Albania, Albanians and Western Balkans have no other alternative except their accession to NATO and the EU integration.