Statement by the Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the decision of Albania’s government to end diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran


The Council of Albanian Ambassadors supports the Decision of Albania’s Government to end diplomatic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran (IRI), as a proportionate response to the cyberattack orchestrated and sponsored on a state level in order to:

“destroy the digital infrastructure of the Government of the Republic of Albania, paralise public services, hack and steal the electronic data and communications of governmental systems”.

Through this attack, the IRI has undermined every act and principle of international law that regulates relationships between two countries that have established diplomatic relations with one another. Moreover, the attack against another NATO Member State constitutes a serious threat to the whole Alliance, thus making the proportionate counter-response to the threat imposed indispensable.

On the other hand, CAA appeals to Albania’s Government to urgently adopt the measures aimed at expanding and strengthening the defense capacities of its digital infrastructure, in the light of increased warnings by NATO and the EU on the multiplied potential of cyberattacks against their Member States and in the aftermath of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, in particular.

Likewise, the President of the Republic and Albania’s Assembly should ensure the full-fledged supervision of the measures taken by the National Agency for Information Society, both prior to and after this cyberattack for the protection of the country’s digital strategic infrastructure.