Statement by Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the « rectification of borders»


The Council of Albanian Ambassadors( CAA) has been following attentively the statements issued in the recent days on the process of the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade.

While encouraging each and every effort of the parties and the international factor on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the CAA voices its concern on attitudes which are actually overtaken by time, the so-called option of “rectifying the borders” which has produced inclarities in the public opinion and amidst the all-Albanian factor. 

CAA supports the permanent official and public attitudes by the governments of the Republic of Albania which have excluded the option of border rectification for the resolve of the national interest.

The spirit of dialogue with Serbia and the results of the relevant negotiations should be necessarily in compliance with the Constitution of the Republc of Kosovo, its national interests and the interests of its strategic partners – the USA and the EU.

CAA does also support the institutions representing Kosovo in the dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade urging them to continue this process with responsibility, since it is very important for stability in our region.

The task of the political leadership and its inalienable obligation towards the citizens of Kosovo and international friends is to meet successfully the domestic challenges of reform implementation, fight against corruption, consolidation of democracy and upgrade of welfare in Kosovo.