Introduction meeting of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors with the World Political Institute in Washington DC


Following the introductory meetings in the US of the Council of Albanian Ambassadors, Ambassador Besnik Mustafaj and Ambassador Genci Mucaj held a meeting with Dr. John Lenczowski President and founder of the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC with whom they talked for a close collaboration between the two organizations in order to deliver master level programs and brief training for diplomats and young politicians in relation to world policy topics, strategic analysis, international and public relations that will prepare the leaders of the young generation to have a new global vision.

IWP and CAA will also have exchange programs of their events for the participation and organization of joint conferences.

The Institute of World Politics is one of the world-renowned US-based institutes founded by Dr John Lenczowski, one of the strategic thinking authorities in the field of security and international relations, author of many elite publications in these areas. For several years he has been one of the US National Security Advisers.