Council of Albanian Ambassadors Open letter for the U.S. President Donald J. Trump


Tirana, March 5th 2020

The Honorable Donald J. Trump
President of the United States
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

For the attention of:

Secretary Michael R. Pompeo
U.S. Department of State

Senator James Risch
Chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Senator Robert Menendez
Ranking Member of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations

Senator Ron Johnson
Chairman of Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and Chairman of the Senate Subcommittee on Europe and Regional Security Cooperation,

Representative Eliot Engel
Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Representative Michael McCaul
Ranking Member of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs

Ambassador Richard A. Grenell,
Special Presidential Envoy for Serbia and Kosovo Peace Negotiations

Dear Mr. President,

The Council of the Albanian Ambassadors would like to use this opportunity to heartily thank you and the United States of America for the continued support for Albanians in the Balkans.

A few weeks ago, on February 17, Kosovo celebrated the Twelfth anniversary of Kosovo’s Declaration of Independence. As you expressed in your congratulatory letter to the President of the Republic of Kosovo, the strong bonds between the United States and Kosovo have been forged by a shared commitment to Kosovo’s development as a sovereign, independent, multiethnic and democratic country.

The people of Kosovo have struggled for freedom and independence for almost a century. Those objectives finally have been achieved with the determination and indispensable support of our Western friends and allies, primarily the United States of America.

The consistent support of the U.S. for the legitimate aspirations of the people of Kosovo was truly fundamental. It further cemented the friendship existing between Albanians and Americans since the end of World War I. President Wilson’s administration defended the right of Albania proper to exist as an independent state.

The Albanian people will never forget their debt of gratitude and are proud to be the most pro-American nation in Southeast Europe.

As an independent country, the Republic of Kosovo has made tremendous progress in its path to building viable democratic institutions and a vibrant democracy, in which human liberties and the rule of law prevail.

Today in Kosovo, ethnic minorities enjoy unparalleled individual and collective rights in keeping with the highest international standards. In a region in which acute inter – and intra – state problems exist, the situation in Kosovo is stable and does not pose any threats to regional peace and security.

The Republic of Kosovo constitutes a cornerstone for stability and security in this part of Europe.

Dear Mr. President,

Let us use this occasion to recall that Kosovo proclaimed its independence following a long and thorough process of UN-led negotiations, closely coordinated with the international community led by the USA.  In its Advisory Opinion in 2010, the International Court of Justice found that the proclamation of independence of Kosovo was in full compliance with international law.

The dialogue facilitated by the EU for the normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia offers a window of opportunity for both countries to finally turn a new page.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors supports this process and hopes that it will be finalized with mutual diplomatic recognition as two independent and sovereign neighboring countries. The Council of Albanian Ambassadors also welcomes the engagement of your Administration to advance the EU-facilitated dialogue.

We have already seen some promising results with the recent agreements on air and rail transportation brokered by your Special Envoy Ambassador Richard Grenell.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors firmly believes that the outcome of the EU-facilitated dialogue should comply with the agreed principles for the settlement of the final status of Kosovo, as enshrined in the documents of the Contact Group that monitored and supervised international policy in Kosovo, as well as the Comprehensive Proposal for the Kosovo Status Settlement, also known as “the Ahtisaari Plan.”

Those guiding principles provide for the territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo within its internationally recognized borders and preservation of the multi-ethnic character of Kosovo.

Alternative approaches based on the notion of re-drawing or shifting borderlines along ethnic principles have the potential to undermine the stability of Kosovo and other multi-ethnic countries in South-East Europe.

Ensuring that these principles are honored throughout the process is the common responsibility of all actors involved. They are critically important for the long-term peace, stability and European perspective of the region.

Dear Mr. President,

While we have greeted Kosovo on its celebration day, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors extended its deepest gratitude to all those who with numerous sacrifices turned the dream for a free and independent Kosovo into a beautiful reality.

Gratitude goes also to all the international friends of Kosovo and, in particular, to the USA and Your leadership that have always supported and continue to do so for the incessant and further consolidation of the youngest state in Europe.

Please, Mr. President, accept the assurances of our highest consideration.

Council of Albanian Ambassadors