Council of Albanian Ambassadors on the domestic political and constitutional crisis.


June 21st 2019

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is following with great attention the extremely tensed political situation in Albania; it does express its concern for failing to find the route to the political dialogue among the most important actors at home.

The current political conflict has assumed an ascending curve just at the moment when the country is awaiting the possibility of opening the EU membership negotiations, as the sole path to support and forge ahead with all reforms; should this ascending trend not be stopped rapidly, then all odds are that the crisis could escalate to desperately unforeseeable proportions.

During this 30-year period of political pluralism, Albania has gone through some whirlwinds of crises with grave consequences for the country; they are all an outcome of the lack of democratic behavior by the political leaders.

All of us have been several times eye-witnesses of sliding down to social and political conflicts; unfortunately, these situations have been resolved only after the energetic intervention by the international factor(s).

This repeated crisis shows the lack of political maturity; it is also dealing a serious blow to Albania’s image in the world and its reliability vis à vis its Euro-Atlantic partners.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on all parties to organize all-inclusive free and fair elections, as a fundamental right of a democratic country; it vehemently condemns the purchases and the trafficking of ballots which distort the will of Albanian citizens.

We appeal for an instant dialogue and compromise, while placing the citizens’ interests at the epicenter of each and every political act; likewise, the country’s interests should prevail over any other party interest.

We do hope that it will be the force of logic and not the logic of force that would win over. We have no more time to lose, and we do not need to turn back, make steps backwards or even impair political pluralism. The major sacrifices made to achieve it do not permit us to put political pluralism at stake.