Council of Albanian Ambassadors calls on Albanians to be united in the local elections of March 5, 2023 for the Municipality of Tuzi in Montenegro.


Tirana, 3 March 2023

Albanians in the region have essentially contributed to strengthening peace, security, stability and the Euro-Atlantic integration in all states where they are residing, becoming an important political and decision-making actor and factor in these countries.

This position maybe preserved and consolidated only when all Albanians work together. In this way, they will defend their national rights and interests.

In this context, the Council of Albanian Ambassadors ( CAA) holds that the local elections on the 5th of March 2023 in the Tuz Comune are very important, both for strengthening this commune, the position of Albanians there and in the whole of Montenegro.

Likewise, they are a challenge not only for the democratic developments and the european path of Montenegro, but also for the cooperation among Albanins who live in their own lands in the Highlands there.

The CAA calls on all Albanians to be united and in more concrete terms to cast their ballots for their most dignified representatives, who have demonstrated their commitment to Tuz city and the entire Highland region there, to all citizens’ benefit.

The Council of Albanian Ambassadors is convinced that by massively voting Albanians for Albanians in the local elections on the 5th of March 2023 in Tuzi Commune, they will reinforce their own position and, at the same time, they will strengthen the European future and Montenegro’s position in our region.